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Cheryl Rodgers


Kate and her adoring younger husband, Nick Gregory, are kicking back and enjoying retirement on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan near Chicago. But when they discover a curious case of vandalism at a luxurious lakeside wedding venue, they step into action when their friend is accused of the crime.


Determined to see justice done, the couple jump into their classic ’65 convertible and set off to expose the true culprit. As they tap into Kate’s museum connections while Nick tosses around terrible puns, the trail of clues begins to take shape.


Will their sense of fun and sharp wit be enough to stop the wrong man from taking the fall?


Mystery at Clarke Mansion is the charming first book by Cheryl Rodgers in the Kate and Nick Mysteries amateur sleuths series.


When the Museum of Natural History finds itself ensnared in a web of baffling incidents that could devastate its priceless collection, who better to call than retired museum consultant, Kate, and her billionaire bon vivant younger husband, Nick?


In Mystery at the Museum the second captivating installment of the Kate & Nick Mystery Series, our dynamic duo is summoned by the museum director to untangle the peculiar circumstances plaguing the institution. With their friend's innocence and the museum's reputation teetering on the edge, every tick of the clock counts.


As the pair navigate the enigmatic labyrinth of antiquities, their charming camaraderie and witty repartee will captivate you. With the addition of Nick's parents, Kate's spirited mother, and loyal staff added to the investigative team, it’s more than a mystery—it's a family affair.


From their home on the bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan to the hallowed halls of the museum, Mystery at the Museum bridges the sophistication of cosmopolitan Chicago with the heartwarming charm of a small town cozy mystery.


A perfect weekend escape or vacation read.

Cheryl Rodgers is the author of the Kate & Nick Senior Sleuths Cozy Mysteries.
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